Kim’s Cob Cottage

The Evans Family birthed this cob project three years ago, building an approximately 400 square foot cob cottage in a meadow on their land. We were able to get the main structure (not including the side wing walls) about 90% complete by last Fall. The goal of this final cob workshop is just to complete the cob needed to finish the main building. Some additional work like the roof, flooring and doors will be done with the help of some friends this summer. Cobbing is where we need “As many HANDS as we can get” to help with the final cob inner walls to go up 100% and if time allows, we’ll work on the wing walls too.

We work hard cobbing during the day and enjoy the evenings as community (if you choose to stay on the land during the workshop), Kim is opening up the main house during the workshop, or you’re welcome (if you have your own gear) to camp on the land (they have 11 acres). We play music around the fire, or shoot pool, or star gazing while in the Hot Tub and all in all really have a lot of fun!

Feel free to call Kim with any questions (303)513-2806. Please RSVP so we have a count for food.

Cob Workshop Spring Fever!: This is a hands on, get muddy, work some cob, pitch a tent, share some potluck foods and sit around the fire at night sort of workshop. We’ll start with a little sit-down pow-wow, introduce ourselves, talk about the project and begin the fun! Come stomp some mud while seeing how a cob structure can be constructed. Observe the basics of cob mixing properties and learn how to test a site for clay, topsoil and sand content… There’s nothing to it! If you can only come one day, that’s alright too. Even a half day, any amount of time is appreciated!

Hosted by: Kim Evans, with Michael Payton of Colorado Cob leading the charge

Cost: N/C, but donations of any amount or food/drink to share would be greatly appreciated!

General Schedule
8am – 9am Breakfast / Tent Setup (or you can come up the night before to set up & hang)
9am – Workshop begins / introductions, project discussion
9:30 – Cob time!
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Lunch time
6pm – 7:00 Dinner / Settle down and start the festivities!

DO IT ALL AGAIN THE NEXT DAY… (can camp from 7 pm on Fri. 5/20 – 10 am Mon. 5/23).

Attendee Count: Unlimited! We all know – the more the merrier with fun projects like these! If we have 100 people with 50 tarps it would be a beautiful sight! Bring the kids and put them to work! Please pass the word on to your friends!

Directions and Parking: Please refer to map for directions, GPS works well in finding us. Parking on the long property driveway is available; 4×4 is not required for access. Our address is: 11876 Crescent Park Dr. Golden, CO 80403. Ranch line is #(303)642-8785, call if you need help with directions on the day of event.

Tools: It would help tremendously if volunteer’s could bring additional buckets, shovels, mattocks (pick axes) and large tarps, but just bring yourself (& some friends if possible) if you have none of these.

Food: Consider this like a camping retreat where you bring amenities so BYOB + food and extra if you want to share. We do have community meals. It’s great when everyone shares, but all are welcome & there will be food provided if you can bring none, so no worries. Donations when possible are appreciated as food usually runs pretty high for these Workshops, on top of Cob Instructor fees and the Evans’ just lost over half their monthly income for the rest of the year so any Food/Workshop contributions are greatly appreciate. But all are welcome regardless and your time is also very much appreciated!

Festivities: Hang out with some cool people, make new friends and enjoy the physical and mental rewards of playing in mud! If you’re musically inclined then PLEASE bring your toys for noise! If the wind is calm, we’ll be able to start the campfire back at the house. Step inside with some of us for the occasional game of billiards, too! Bring a bathing suit and towel to marinate your muscles in the hot tub while stargazing. We have fun!

Clothing: Shop Gloves / Rubber Gloves or Cement Gloves / Boots or Cement Boots / Jacket / Sun Hat / Sunglasses. It’s possible for nights to dip in the 40º’s or 50º’s so keep that in mind while packing preferred clothing.

Camping: If you’re camping overnight Saturday evening there are plenty of flat and private spots to pitch a tent; the driveway is equally as flat to park an RV or camper. *Arrival anytime 7 pm or later on Friday night is also OK, please RSVP with Kim to advise beforehand.

Dogs: Friendly, well-behaved dogs and service dogs are always welcome at our events!

Weather: Cobbing slows down during rainstorms and Coal Creek Canyon has it’s own little micro-climate where the weather has played some funny tricks on us in the past. There’s always a possibility storm clouds will appear overhead, but they generally move out pretty quickly with sunshine in tow.

If you have any questions about anything, please call Kim at (303)513-2806. If you can’t attend the workshop, there still may be other ways you can help thereafter, please contact Kim.