We specialize in cob creations!

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- Chicken coops
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Cob is an ancient building technique that utilizes the ground under your feet to create the daydream in your mind. Consisting of clay, sand, straw, and sweat, cob can become just about anything you imagine.

Cob. Fun for the whole family.

The raw face of a remodeled cob oven as a drying fire helps it along.

Nothing like a good load of horse manure to make that plaster work!

Cob bread oven and sidecar stove under a blanket of fresh snow

An Earthen bread and pizza oven is the perfect addition to any backyard! A cob bread oven is a wonderful introduction to the cob building process; few cob projects provide such immediate gratification. Once you have experienced the mud in your fingers and tasted your own wood-fired pizza, you're likely to feel that inescapable urge of bringing forth another cob creation.

Cob Chicken Coop

Built from the Earth itself, an old apple tree, and a bunch of leftover building materials, this cob chicken coop is home to six happy hens.

If you are considering adding an accessory structure to your property and desire something much more unique than the pre-built sheds found at the big box stores, we can help.

Please visit our Upcoming Workshops page to see our projects for Summer 2014. For more information, project consultation, or free estimates, please send us an email and we'll be in touch!